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Psychology (Mental Health and Counselling)


At Ongwediva Medipark we Identify psychological, emotional, or behavioral issues, and diagnose disorders.

Interact with clients to assist them in gaining insight, defining goals, and planning action to achieve effective personal, social, educational, and vocational development and adjustment. Counsel individuals and groups regarding problems such as stress, substance abuse, and family situations, to modify behavior and improve personal, social wellbeing along the span.

We also treat a wide range of mental health difficulties including depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship conflicts, and challenges in coping with school or work environments.
We offer but not limited to treating:
Is a type of psycho-therapeutic treatment that helps patients understand the thoughts and feelings that influence behaviors. CBT is commonly used to treat a wide range of disorders, including phobias, addictions, depression, and anxiety
Personality disorders are a group of mental illnesses. They involve long-term patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are unhealthy and inflexible. The behaviors cause serious problems with relationships and work. People with personality disorders have trouble dealing with everyday stresses and problems.

-Feel worried, unhappy, or frightened for reasons they either have difficulty explaining or cannot explain.
-Behave in ways of clinging to their parents due to feeling fearful about independence.
-Have difficulty channeling their energy in ways that develop their potential.
-Develop rituals or specific fears because they feel powerless or helpless in difficult situations.
-Refrain from making or sustaining friends or getting along with others at school or in the family.
-Act aggressively because of their inability to control their actions and their struggle to find other ways to share feelings.
Heal from the past, address something that you would like to change, learn more about yourself.
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