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About Us

We are a fully equipped 150 bedded private hospital, offering all the best quality offerings for your situation.
Ongwediva Medipark has the highest concentration of medical specialists in Namibia within a single facility. The team of doctors is resident at the hospital with a minimum of 2 dedicated specialists in over 15 specialist fields on-call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

About Ongwediva Medipark

What started off as an ambitious dream to develop a first of its kind private healthcare facility that will provide quality healthcare to the most populated region of Namibia has developed into an established state-of-the-art, world-class specialist facility servicing a market as far as Zambia and Angola.
Ongwediva Medipark and the Medipark Group intent building on its tried and tested business model and is primed for growth beyond the borders of Namibia. With over 30 resident specialists in over 15 specialist fields, a competent, young, experienced management team, Ongwediva Medipark and the Medipark Group is built on values that will ensure its operational success in the exciting African healthcare space for the next 10 years and beyond.
Ongwediva Medipark opened its doors for the first time in 2006 and was officially inaugurated on 23 May 2007. It is founded by a group of Namibians who sought to bring quality healthcare to the people of northern Namibia. From humble beginnings, Ongwediva Medipark has grown to become one of the leading private hospitals in Namibia servicing clients from as far afield as Angola.
The hospital has not only grown in size but also in services and has registered a number of pioneering firsts within the Namibian healthcare sector including being the first hospital to have attempted and succeeded in carrying out kidney transplant procedures, the first private hospital to be accredited as a teaching hospital and the first private hospital to become a registered service provider to ENSA, the Angolan National Medical Aid company.
Despite the rapid pace of growth of Ongwediva Medipark, it has not rested on its laurels and has embarked on an ambition growth strategy that involves the development of new hospitals in key towns in Namibia, the operation of existing facilities in Namibia as well as Angola and the development of complimentary business units that seek to deepen the level of and access to services within the broader healthcare environment.
Ongwediva Medipark has the ambition to become the leading hospital group in Namibia. With this vision in mind, Ongwediva Medipark is actively seeking opportunities to add depth of skills and coverage of services to hospitals across the country, this includes being one of the first private hospitals to conclude an active PPP with government whereby the skills are shared with state facilities to ensure a high level of care for state patients as well as private patients as well as training medical students through an MOU with the UNAM School of Medicine.
Ongwediva Medipark is continuing to increase its capacity and currently boasts over 30 resident specialist doctors across 15 specialist fields. Our diversity is boosted by the fact that over 21 different languages are spoken at Ongwediva Medipark, a richness that translates into innovative problem solving, dynamic and active staff, vibrant and robust working environment and accommodating client-focused patient care.

Despite our relatively young age as an institution, we have grown in leaps and bounds and have further ambitions that see us wanting to extend and deepen the level of healthcare available within Namibia and beyond.

Our unique business model and approach has allowed us to survive and thrive in a challenging and complex operational environment when others deemed it unfeasible. In the past 10 years we have grown from a 50 bed GP driven facility to a 150 bed, specialist driven facility with plans in place to add another 80 beds within the next 3 years. This ambition is made possible by a passionate and vibrant group of staff that is committed to delivering our mission of delivering quality specialized patient care.

Ongwediva Medipark has the highest concentration of medical specialists in Namibia within a single facility, public or private. This team of doctors is resident at the hospital with a minimum of 2 dedicated specialists in over 15 specialist fields on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The diversity of our team is a fundamental pillar of our success as we combine local experience and international best practice to develop a unique corporate and institutional culture that places an emphasis on continuous learning, client-centered service delivery and the highest levels of ethical and value-driven leadership.

As we continue to grow as a healthcare service provider, our doctors have continued to grow with us in number as well as in knowledge as we have fostered a knowledge-sharing environment where our doctors are sent to regional and international symposiums to keep abreast of the latest developments in their field of practice.

Our doctors are also required to present seminars at OMP to their fellow doctors on recent cases that they’ve treated while also being afforded the opportunity to invest in the next generation of doctors through our strategic relationship with the University of Namibia (UNAM).

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a financially stable and sustainable business that delivers quality healthcare and establishes a Center of Excellence in Healthcare contributing towards the realisation of Vision 2030

Our Mission

Our mission is delivering quality specialized patient care

Our People

To provide quality service & products to our clientele, employees & other stakeholders
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People are the heartbeat of our company. It is their skill, care and dedication that sets our facility apart.

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