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Pharmacy (Dispensary)


Our pharmacy offers quality, humane services to external and internal clients. Each client is afforded tailor-made service according to their needs. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our operations. The pharmacy has designated coordinators for theatre and Cath Lab, to ensure smooth flow of the supply chain in these critical departments. We strive for the right medicine, for the right client, at the right price, for the right condition and in the right state.
We offer but not limited to treating:
- Acute medicines (short term illnesses, e.g. coughs, fever, flu, pain etc.)
- Chronic medicines (long term illnesses e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy etc.)
We offer over the counter medicines (medicines you can get without a prescription from the doctor) ranging from cough syrups, flu remedies, pain and fever medicines, multi vitamins, energy boosters, etc.
- Get all due vaccinations from us.
- Both private and public hospital health passport are accepted
- We offer a variety of choices when it comes to family planning and the pharmacist will offer you health related advice to help you choose which family planning method that best suites you.
- Note: An additional prescription from the doctor will be required for particular types of family planning which are ranging from pills, (intrauterine contraceptive devices) IUCD, patches, implants, to injections.
- Condoms are also available for dual protection.
- Our pharmacy is involved in creating awareness and promoting public health.
- We take part in yearly campaigns such as cancer awareness and safe motherhood.

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