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Neurosurgery (Brain & Spinal Surgery)


Ongwediva Medipark’s Neurosurgeons specializes in diagnosing, treating diseases affecting the nervous system. The later comprises the brain, the spine cord as well as peripheral nerves.

These diseases if not Congenital (inborn) they are acquired during adulthood and can be caused by:

  • Trauma caused by falls, motor vehicle accidents, violence, self-inflicted

  • Infection like Tuberculosis and neurocysticercosis

  • Aging or degeneration of the spine

  • Tumor (cancer and non-cancerous)

  • Diseases of the blood vessels like aneurysms and high blood pressure causing haemorrhagic stroke (bleeding in the brain)

We provide the following care:
Low back pain (LBP) is amongst the top causes of disability worldwide and each of us will experience an episode of LBP in our lifetime. The majority of those will heal overtime without any intervention while a small portion of those patient will require treatment.
Several treatment options are available, ranging from rest and pain medications, physical therapy, injections, rhizotomy and if need is surgery as the last option.
Spine surgery is indicated if the lesion is causing dysfunction of a limb, severe unbearable pain besides adequate pain medications or dysfunction of the bladder and bowels.
In adults, a neurosurgeon may perform a brain operation if there is a potentially fatal lesion or causing neurological compromise such as paralysis of a body area.

At OMAH, operations to repair brain damage caused by motor vehicle accidents are the most performed followed those to remove brain tumors like meningiomas, pituitary tumours and glimas. Although rare, these brain tumours are potentially lethal and after surgical removal, chemotherapy and or radiation therapy is added if they are confirmed to be malignant(cancer).
The most common neurosurgical condition found in children in our communities is hydrocephalus or excessive cerebral spine fluid (CSF) commonly known as the brain water. It is caused by either excessive production/impaired absorption in the brain or a blockage in its pathway.

If it unfortunately happens, at OMP we provide them with long term treatment by performing procedure called a shunt insertion or ETV.

Although very seldom, spine congenital abnormalities as well as brain tumors are also found in children.

Hydrocephalus and congenital spine abnormality are generally preventable conditions thus we encourage mothers in reproduction age to consult a doctor BEFORE they plan to have a child as these abnormalities occur as early as the first month of pregnancy.

When they unfortunately occur, Neurosurgeons team up with paediatricians, physiotherapist, Occupational therapist to give children with such diseases a compassionate patient-directed world class treatment.

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