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EPI-WIN webinar: A Fragile State of Preparedness: 2023 Global Preparedness Monitoring Board Report

A Fragile State of Preparedness

The Global Preparedness and Monitoring Board (GPMB) 2023 Report, ‘A Fragile State of Preparedness’, which is based for the first time on an analysis using the GPMB Monitoring Framework, finds that global preparedness for pandemics and other disease outbreaks remains inadequate. There have been some areas of progress since COVID-19 but this progress remains fragile, and some areas have declined, highlighting an urgent need for political commitment and increased resources. The Board makes four key recommendations to urgently strengthen global preparedness.

In this webinar

In this webinar, key board members will discuss the report findings and what’s new in pandemic preparedness.
This webinar will be conducted in English with live interpretation available in French, Spanish, and Arabic. Additionally, AI-powered interpretation will be provided in Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, German, and Portuguese.