Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapy helps people enhance their lives by helping them to improve their everyday motor skills in order to do tasks that able bodied people take for granted. occupational therapist can also give a patient motor function exercises to help them improve their motor skills, and can devise ways to help patients with attention deficit problems.

Develop a rehabilitation programme to help rebuild lost skills and restore confidence; advise on home and workplace environmental alterations, such as adjustments for wheelchair access; teach anxiety management techniques; help people to return to work; advise on specialist equipment to help with daily activities; coach people with learning difficulties or poor social skills, e.g. in handling money and social interaction; mentor people on how to control their own behaviour; liaise with other professionals, such as doctors, physiotherapists, social workers, equipment suppliers and architects, as well as patients' families, carers and employers; write reports and attend multidisciplinary case meetings to plan and review ongoing treatment; organise support and rehabilitation groups for carers and clients; train students and supervise the work of occupational therapy assistants; manage a caseload, prioritising needs and completing administrative tasks such as patient and budgetary records.

An occupational therapist specialise in paediatrics, hand therapy, mental health, rehabilitation or work rehabilitation.

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